Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Why I Love Spring

Walking home from work today I came upon a number of trash cans brimming with some of the first Spring clean-outs. I could smell the goods as I dug around while Charles tried to get me to pay at least a little bit of attention to a nearby yard flanked by magnolias and a cherry tree.

There were a lot of magazines from the late seventies and early eighties, a few lampshades, a pair of brown leather shoes, a couple bags of screws, and a small box that contained what I imagine were the contents of some recently deceased person's desk drawer (the "main"drawer where pens, paper clips, stamps and a calculator are kept).

This is great because the person (Kim and I think a woman) retrofitted a free calendar with letter tabs to make their own address book.

There were two photographs in the little box. There's this one of a guy in what looks like a church basement (or maybe he owned a restaurant- or maybe this is the kitchen at the old Gandalf's?).

Then there's this one of a couple cutting their wedding cake. Charles and I both thought it looked like they got married at Bryant Park- near the playing fields (but more importantly, near the Meadow). Without a doubt the bridesmaid takes the cake- click on her to get a better look. I've found quite a few wedding pictures, maybe during June I'll do a special found wedding album.

This postcard was also in the box- it is beautiful, reminds me of some of my favorite postcards of hotel dining rooms, and of course I'll never look at a vacuum cleaner the same way now that I've seen Judy's work.

I also found this letter...

It's odd how something from only 23 years ago looks so old- it makes you realize how everything around you, everything you consider current, will in very little time become a nostalgia evoking tchotchke for the next generation.

Bring on the trash of Spring!

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Anonymous said...

I was just commenting today how, if I ever have children, I will name my first born tchotchke... since all parents will always look upon their children with wonder and nostalgia. It just seems fitting. ~Judy