Monday, July 24, 2006

We played the Garden!

On our way through the gardens with our hostess Lisa leading the way.

The Botanic Garden, that is...and it went well. Todd and I got suited up real nice, had young kids dancing during the first tune, and had an all-around fun time playing during Nancy's opening. Kim took a bunch of pictures before and while we played.

Aforementioned young kids dancing.

My good friend Kate showed up as did Todd's cousin Ben. Nancy's new work is really pretty astounding- her drawings are assertive and joyous, much like her.

L and N being L and N.

Langdon and Nick were there and we all had dinner with Nancy's family and friends. L and N proved that they are well suited for one another by reacting so similarly when faced with a digital image-recording device.

Now, we have all begun packing up our rooms. Our tenure at 3122 Patterson is coming to an end and I am secretly wishing that someday someone will come and steal all of my things so that I don't have to deal with them. I suffer from what Todd and I call "The Ideal of the Absent", a middle-class, suburabia induced condition of having everything and wanting none of it (kinda).

In other news, go here to see the video I made to accompany Shigeo Kawashima's exhibit at the VACR.


scruffylooking said...

I love the 1st photo where you guys are all dressed up and being led to your gig.

Michael said...

Me too- Lisa was great, she drove us from her house in Hoboken to Brooklyn and took a much expected (expected by me as I think NY'ers love to sit in traffic) detour (or unnecerssary turn) through Chinatown on our way there so we got the whole Sat. afternoon Chinatown experience. Much talk of John Cage and Merce Cunningham!

#4378553 said...
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#4378553 said...

hahahahaha! i love the pic. that's the face L always makes when she has to give up the dough.