Sunday, November 18, 2007


There's a good write up of SAMETIME 7:15 in the current issue of the Baltimore City Paper. It's worth the read if for no other reason than the job the writer did making the project seem much sexier than it probably is. Go here and scroll right to see the sex picture.

You've got to love a city that prides itself on being the home (and muse) of John Waters.


Paula said...

That's a great story. I have been meaning to ask you about the handbell choir. Who are they and where do they perform? I am guessing it's part of a church org.

Churlita said...

What are talking ab out? Sametime is sexy without the write up.

Chris Freeman said...

Congratulations, boys!

Michael said...

Paula- I play hand bells at St Thomas Episcopal with my neighbor, and landlord Arlen. It's fun and since Todd left for Korea, they are the only with whom people I play music. I walked into the first practice of the season and the director said "Well... look at the hairy heathen!"

Churls- Awww

CBF- Thanks dude.

Paula said...

That's fantastic. I first learned to play hand bells in third grade at Westernport Elementary School. Later, I was in the hand bell choir at St. John's Lutheran Church on Arch Street in Cumberland. I haven't played in ages and really miss it. Let me know when you'll be performing next; we may be able to make it!