Monday, January 07, 2008

SAMETIME 715 Continues

Brad and I are goin' at it for another year... 2007 was interesting in large part because of all the pictures we took together (and all the girls that Brad met along the way). If I were good at figuring out how to do simple math I'd add up the amount of time all of our exposures equal and say something smart about it but although I am not so bad at math it's getting to the formula that gives me problems. Ah hem...

And if I were good at waxin' poetic and metaphorical-like while typing I'd write something smart here in this spot... instead I'll just think about how I never do that and how I should quit this thing.

Anyway, the exciting news is that we have four more people joining us this year (that's math I can do):

Kate MacDonnell (whom I know)
Bryan Martin (whom I've known for a couple of years but don't really know)
Jesse Sommerlatte (who's been in the same room as me twice-- tops)
Soung Wiser (who?)

The first week's pictures have been posted, the site is completely different and at a new address:

A shout out to all the other yearlong projects: Noah's Skull-A-Day, Elin's Relief Prints, those 3191 Gals, and all the others that I'm sure are happening but that I don't know about.

Onward with self-imposed restrictions, rules and regulations!!!

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Paula said...

First week's pics look good! I thought it was funny and coincidental that certain days VERY similar pictures were taken (e.g., two folks took photos of feet on the same day, and almost everyone took pictures of people on the 3rd).
I'll keep checking back each week.