Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Correction and a Banana

Langdon wrote to let me know that I need to add one small correction to my previous post: The space where the Langdon is showing is "actually the Kantor/Feuer window, which is not a direct extension of Zach Feuer's solo project gallery (even though he's the boss of all of it)."

I have no idea who these Kantor/Feuer people are and if I were them I'd want to be associated w/ Ms. Graves but hey-- what do I know? Gee real estate in NY must be pretty expensive...

The Langdon did send along some pics of her window:

In other news, I went to a great lecture by the Guerrilla Girls last night at Longwood. Despite founding member Frida Kahlo saying "bitch" a million times and scaring some of my unbelievably pure students, I think a good time was had by all and we definitely learned a few things.

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Anonymous said...

Those Guerrilla Girls are interesting to say the least. My issue with them is that they spend a lot of energy "bashing" instead of "building" through their art. Maybe I just need to make it to one of their events.

However, after many years of trying to figure this whole feminist thing out, I am convinced that all it does is alienate. It's female dogma no different than male sexism.

I LOVE "good" men and what I can learn from them; I'd like to think that most "good" men feel the same about women. But can we really control the whole sexual thing? After all, that's why we're here in the first place.