Sunday, April 20, 2008


I taught a silhouette-wheatpaste workshop Saturday to a bunch of kids who are a part of VACR's Young Artist Society. This is the same group I taught a little over a year ago.

We wrote a bunch of exquisite corpse poems and then set about illustrating them, making silhouettes, and pasting them onto the side of Paradise Garage on Main Street in Richmond.

It was a great day and if I was a super blogger (and teacher) I would have made sure I knew the poems they illustrated and would have put them under each picture BUT THAT'S JUST A LITTLE TOO MUCH WORK.


Paula said...

This is pretty cool, Michael! Your students are very talented (and yes, it would have been nice to read the poems behind the images...)

How long will the art last? I don't know anything about the technique you used...wheatpaste?

Doolittlelew said...

this is beautiful Michael! i'm full of glee seeing this!

Churlita said...

What a great project. I too want to read the poetry.

Elin said...

What a great and inspired project. You rock my world.