Sunday, June 29, 2008

Of Course You Have Better Things To Do!

Year two of SAMETIME 7:15 is six months awesome.

Kim and I were thinking about moving to the f-a-n so she would be closer to V-C-U when school starts in the f-a-l-l (she's going for a museum studies p-r-o-g-r-a-m). After much hemming and hawing, and oh-so mature thinkings about our finances (or lack thereof) we've decided against it. So, in order to feel like there has been some kind of change we rearranged our rooms (we are proud separate roomers). It's exciting and we've both made out like bandits (although we have pretty different ideas of what this looks like).

I say all of this because my change involved an aparatus that came with these instructions. Based of this strange and beautiful instruction sheet can you guess what this aparatus is?

The first reader to guess will get a SAMETIME 7:15 button mailed to the location of their choosing. People who email Kim on a daily basis, or talked to me from their apartment in Philadelphia this afternoon are restricted from participating in this thrilling competition (and probably already have a button).

PS - My friend Robert turned me onto Teddy & Marge. They are fantastic-- from Austin (maybe that place hasn't gone the way of the Gap?), lots of organ (sounds like an actual church organ), cello, and accordion. They play wacky versions of 30's and 40's standards and don't try to sing like Mariah Carey (or somebody else who can sing too well).


Anonymous said...

mr. lease it appears that you have acquired a cot of magnificent proportions. congratulations!

p.s. your bag is a buckle away from being complete. jump for joy!


Martin said...

a ping-pong table with an ottoman?

prawk said...

definately a cot. square aluminum legs and i'm going to guess that it's green.