Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Few Days

Obviously my plan to post daily didn't work out. Between working long days, excellent conversations over meals, and the mandatory minimum of two beers per night at a bar, I just never got around to finding the time. So here you go- I'm back in Richmond and will dole these out over the next couple of days...

On Sunday we were let in to the Sheldon at noon and began planning... this is one of three galleries and would be the "studio" portion of the show.

This is the innermost gallery and was used for sculptures and video. When we arrived two walls had been built in the space. There were 115 crates and boxes for us to unpack...

This is the outermost gallery and is entered from the Great Hall (as Johnson named it). It would contain sculptures and photographs.

On Monday we had our bearings and began installing work in earnest-- here Liz and Alison work on The Sizes of Things in the Mind's Eye.

Here they are in the outermost gallery working on Pupil. Each sculpture's pose changes from show to show.

Here Liz works on lighting for an untitled sculpture. Many of the pieces are lit from with in by fiber optic cables but still require quite a bit of treatment from other lights.

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