Friday, August 01, 2008

In Other News

1. Kim and I have been as we are for six years and that's pretty dern great.
2. Sweet, sweet George has moved to Prague. I miss him and know I'm not alone.
3. I am employed again-- this time at VCU's Anderson Gallery. I'm the Gallery Associate-- 28 hours a week of doing interesting things and my boss is boss!
4. I am also teaching photo this fall at VCU- 2 classes of intro.
5. Le Primitifs du Futur has 2 CD's that I didn't know about that I now know about.
6. I am getting better at the ukulele and do a mean version of The Titanic Disaster.
7. We will be in DC this weekend visiting my family and it should be-- will include a trip to the Hirshorn.

There's more, I'm sure.

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