Friday, August 04, 2006

The Last Gig at 3122

As of last Sunday, the trio Kim, Todd and Michael, or the 3122 Crew (or was it Krew?) is no longer. Todd has moved to DC to attend grad school and to help DC be a much better place (I loathe the District of Columbia and all its vanilla suburbs and believe that most problems in this country - and maybe this world- stem directly from the mentality that the region breeds... further, I had always promised myself that I would live as far away as possible from the area where you are measured only by your job... but here I write from Richmond, VA, a mere 90 miles away), and the Kimberly and I have moved to the Northside- to the old city suburbs (planned community built in 1919, they are still considered a cooperative and our apt. is owned by the neighborhood assoc.) into a carriage house (thanks Travis for the euphemism). Our back yard is a park, our front yard is all trees, canoes, ivy and a couple of old folks. It's a liberal (I had progressive there but that is being too generous) neighborhood but we are uncomfortably close to the residence (and live above the studio) of a VCU big-whig with whom I had a less than favorable run-in (they call them critiques) while in grad school. The ego bruises deeply and takes an awful long time to heal.

Todd and I strolled around the empty 3122 and played the final gig while waiting for our landlord to come and check the place out and cut us our security deposit checks ON THE SPOT. A good landlord indeed (in fact he gave us the lead on the carriage house and lives in the neighborhood).

When we first moved in I photographed all of us in our empty rooms. I did the same the day we left. Now, If I didn't have to run and finish lighting the student/faculty show that I'm installing I'd take the time and find the old pics. Alas, that's not going to happen.

Hope you're well and yes, Kimberly took the picture of Todd and me.


George said...

Despite its strangely aromatic "vanilla" aroma, I still feel that the beltway community is more culturally diverse than Richmond. Huge pockets of immigrants thrive in the region, espically as you move closer and closer (concentricly speaking) to the "city on the hill" Dont get me wrong, I would loathe to ever move back to Fairfax (which clouds my feelings for the whole region) but I think that it is unfair to mark the region with a nasty vanilla epithet. Neapolitan on the other hand...

travis said...

I am not sure of the flavor, but the roads and attitudes mostly suck. Maybe Rocky Road...?