Sunday, October 08, 2006


Mom and Dad at the Va. State Fair, Sept 30, 2006

So... guess who's now a reader? Despite my father's frugality and insisting that they suffer through dial-up (my parents recently "lost" the stolen cable I had rigged up for them 18 yrs ago, we'll see how long my dad can go without it- I'm guessing they'll never have cable again) my mom said to me on the phone the other morning that she's begun reading. She had G**gled me a while ago and found it but hadn't been ready to read it until now.

Surprised by my tone? Well, my blog's not anonymous for a reason- I won't spell out that reason but to say that the blog is an extension of my mouth, my fingers, my eyes and heart, and that it is, in conjunction with my photographs, accordion playing, cooking, and incessant yakking (lecturing!) an attempt at constructing , directing, (or navigating) my way through what I generally perceive as a severely limited template within which I'm expected to live.

I'm happy that my mom is reading (Dad, are you there too?) and even happier that I'd be happy that she was reading. I wonder how this will affect my posts? How will it affect my interactions with my mom? Will she and I get together and I won't have anything to say b/c I'll know she's already read what's on my mind? Or will mom bring up past posts (actually she's already done this) and then we'll talk about the past in terms of what I've written? Will my mom get her own blog and then we'll never talk again b/c we'll be reading what the other has written instead of having spontaneous, live conversations? I trust this won't happen... They have dial-up for Christ's sake!

Mom, dad, I'm glad you're here. Now where's that sister of mine?


scruffylooking said...

I love this post. Your parents are adorable.

Blogs are weird that way. I never know which of my friends read mine or not. Sometimes I'll start to tell a story and my friend will tell me they already read it on my blog and sometimes I'll stop myself from telling a story and my friend will say, "Oh, I never read your blog."

Dave Lease said...

Hmm this is your cousin, I stumbled upon this. Just thought I would say hey and see what odd things you're up to these days:)


loveyouintheface said...

My Mom has a blog of her own. It's really nice to read about what she's doing. It's nice in the same way that it was totally acceptable for me to rifle through her drawers, use her make-up, and look at all the clothes in her closet but completely not acceptable for her to come into my bedroom without permission. I like to think I've gotten past my childhood privacy issues and since I'm publicly posting shit, I can't really complain. However, it always knocks me for a loop when she makes mention of something on my blog in regular conversation:)