Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oppression Theory

Look at the look on his face- this is a cat that on occasion just attacks us. Although Kim wouldn't agree, I'd say that Sid is only 30% domesticated. The rest is all wild (add drawl). I like Mr. Kitty heaps but sometimes I worry that he's going to attack my head and scratch my eyeballs out.

In other news, the boy band Marionette is playing tonight at the Hyperlink on Grace St. Should be good, $3 is a bargain, and I hear they have all new dance routines and outfits.


Scottie said...

Jeez, is that a real chipmunk? Sasha and Mr. Kitty would get along famously. I watched her catch a squirrel while drinking coffee on Sunday. She released it, though. Progress.

Anonymous said...

Did the chipmunk make the mistake of pacing around the apartment while he was talking on the phone? That's what i always did and i got it ever time...that and, well, you know, existing in the same space as Sid.

Wait til he chews on your nose while you sleep. It's a special kind of wonderful.

Best of luck,


k said...

this cat is nothing but a sweet little innocent angel. i don't know what you're all talking about.

these scars? they're scars of love, man. love.