Wednesday, January 03, 2007

(Not) Dead City Blog

I got an email from Judy that said (among other things) that Richmond blogs were a little thin these days. How true! Where are we, what are we doing? I'm not sure about the rest of us (although I think Martin at Anaba may be in the midst of a move to LA to work in the movie business, and George is also consumed by the movie business these days). I have been eating nonstop the past 10 days (we get lots of time off at VACR which means lots of time to OD on sugar and salt) and am now trying to readjust to my old peanut butter and jelly, augmented by bowls of lentils diet. I've also been working with Brad on a new project called SAMETIME that when we get the (my) website all straight I'll announce and you can click on over. It is an exciting project and is leading to more than a few updates of my website. I'm also updating my CV, applying for residencies (I always say this this time of year) and trying to map out the next few years. I'm applying or a new passport in hopes that I might be able to use it sometime soon. I'm also wowing at the fresh-faced kid pictured in the one I got 11 years ago.

And finally, I'm spending just a few moments wondering whether James Taylor is trying to re-image himself these days. Isn't he looking an awful lot like the late Burroughs?


Churlita said...

As long as he's not shooting apples off anyone's head, he can dress like Burroughs all he wants.

Dennis Matthews said...

yeah a little thin, i've been linking to more stuff and traveling (great section on the High Museum is up). you should link me here I have you on my links. lets all get more connected.
Dennis Matthews