Tuesday, January 09, 2007

...Zerbina! Crisis of the Veal!

I am up to my arse in work and lack anything interesting to say that doesn't become a rant on class, art, politics, and now global warming. The internet is already filled with this shit so in lieu of spending a day cuddling with Zippy the Pinhead, (he would understand me) you get this:

Pictures of freezers by three different people!!! One of them is me- can you guess which? Scroll down for the answer***

Well, no, it's not the pic w/ the book Crisis of the Real nestled among the meat. You get extra points if you've read (or know, or have maybe heard) that the obituary I wrote for myself as part of grad school (ahhh) mentioned my having died after having read Andy Grundberg's book. But this photo is the work of Thomas Gardner. He calls it Postmodern Photograph #1 and to get all postmodern on you gives the meta data: Canon EOS D30. Photographers are sooooo boring. Here's the crit thread people left him on his snap:

Crisis of the veal.
"Crisis of the veal".

Funnier than the photograph. Sorry, Thomas, but Eggleston's freezer is nicer to look at.

Eggleston wasn't in my mind at the time this image was created and it will be a cold day in hell before I create any images as empty headed as Eggleston.

Just an aside, anyone who finds the contents of a freezer nice or nicer to look at, should consider professional help. Why? It's a stupid freezer man, get a grip:)

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from an interview:
interviewer: Are there things that are intrinsically interesting to photograph ?
William Eggleston: I think it was Gary Winogrand said to me once that "You can take a good picture of anything."

***It's the first one pal. The last one is Eggles'.

My apologies to Zoe, Alec and the rest...

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Chris Freeman said...

I guessed right! What's my prize?