Sunday, March 25, 2007


Why I don't Watch Many Movies: Or, Things I Could Have Been Doing Instead of Watching The Departed.

Cleaned the bathroom
Read today's paper that I didn't get to
The horizontal shim-sham
Taken a walk
Made a batch of soup or some bread from scratch
Learned to knit
Practiced the accordion
Read that book beside my bed
Drank a million beers
Looked out the window
Played with Sid
Called Paul in California

I'd like to list more things but I just wasted 151 minutes of my life on that worthless shit and I'm afraid that if I write anymore I will be shot by some buffoon mumbling the words faggot or cunt in a south Boston brogue.

Tell me, did people really like this movie? Did it really win 2 academy awards?


Martin said...

i just watched it a couple weeks ago... i liked it!

martin sheen getting thrown from that building? marky fuckin mark fuck fuck? matt damon?

the only thing i didn't like was that stupid psychologist.

Walt said...

I liked it. A lot.

FINALLY somebody had the balls to show the spraying effect of a body that's shoved off a building (it's usually greenish, but I'll let it slide this time).

Chris said...

I hate The Departed. I hate Martin Scorsese too. I don't care if that makes me a terrible American.