Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good Week

1. The Bopst Show celebrated it's 5th anniversary at Millie's this past Sunday with excellent food, bands and people. The line up was BBQ pork, chili, collards, corn, rolls, cole slaw... the Two Man Gentleman Band (old-timey), The Session Rockers (Dub Reggae band from Hampton), Kim, Michelle, Geoff, Ward, Lisa, Chris and many people I don't know but whom I recognize from other events there. Amazing as always. Bopst knows how to deliver and was in fine form. More of his radio personality came through than he usually allows in person and while he gave away CDs he espoused truths that are daily squashed beneath the grinding gears of corporate radio. As he says on his show, the Bopst show is musical penicillin in a world trying to give you audio syphilis. If you're still not listening, you're still not getting it.

Listen here between 1-4pm Monday-Friday.

There a couple of good articles about the anniversary here and here. Read this one first, Bopst wrote it.

2. This building near the corner of Meadow and Broad, across from Pleasants Hardware and Sauer's has been tagged with another super soaker tag (I'm guessing that's what people use to do this.) Crazy huge meaninglessness that nonetheless does not make me feel completely despondent. If you work really hard you can make wolf86! sound like Wolfowitz and you can think that this is some clever commentary on the fallen (yet not sufficiently shamed) World Bank President.

3. Dinner with a group of artists, one of whom has an installation in the lobby of the Hirshorn right now.

4. And finally, I head to DC tomorrow to begin installing my work for SiteProjects DC. I'm really looking forward to it, and will post many pictures here when I return. If you can make it to the opening on Friday it's being held at the Black Cat (on 14th Street) and runs from 7-9. The curator is doing a Site Tour at 8. See you there?

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George said...

Congrats on the show Michael. A Condoned opportunity to wheat paste a city street. You must be in heaven!