Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Older Michael Writes About Younger Michael

The puff balls of the few cottonwood trees in Richmond are blowing around and reminding of my years living in Fort Collins, Colorado. I had never lived near a river before and loved the Cache La Poudre river which runs through the north part of town and through Lee Martinez Park. During the summer months a young Annabelle (and a younger Michael) would walk, run, jump, and lay around the park. She would run in the long grasses that were alongside the trail, occasionally popping her head up above the tops of the blades to make sure that I was still close by.

A sweet one, that dog.


prawk said...

ah, lee martinez (said in a thick hispanic accent). good times. just think how many naked latinos might be hiding in that picture, only inches from good ol' annabelle.


Elin said...

sweet post