Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Als das Kind Kind war...

A while ago (November 2005) Susan Manger (Frostburg's grand dancer, singer, grant-writer, pilates instructor, and Mrs. to Stephen's Mr.) sent me the following email:

I'm in the midst of transferring all of our photos to an online location (our computer is dying) and since you, mr.photographer/artist, enjoy looking into other peoples' lives (i presume - i know i do, even though i'm not a photographer - it gives me a thrill to glimpse into others' lives) i thought i'd forward you my online albums to peruse if you wish, although you certainly don't need to do so...

And Susan (excellent with a pair of parentheses--I mean, how can I not feel connected to another person who uses two sets in one sentence??) has been letting me know when she uploads to the site and I go check them out. I got a message today, and amongst the many pictures of familiar faces (the Mangers' nieces and nephews, Jon Felton, and the ever-present Jeff Henry), was this picture of Nina Wollen curled up on the Mangers' couch looking like the little girl I saw in a Paula Modersohn-Becker painting at the Chrysler Museum this past weekend. I couldn't find the painting online but this one will do:

Paula Modersohn-Becker, Madchenkopf 1905

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Anonymous said...

i love it
although that's actually Mary, and not Nina (hard to believe the twins are going to be 4 in April)

and there i go with the parentheses again - i just can't help myself