Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wanted: A Family Willing to...

I received this email today from Leah Lamb, a friend and aspiring documentary filmmaker. She is formerly of Richmond (Sally Bowring is her mom) and is currently living in San Francisco:

I am doing a little shout because I am hoping that you can
help me in my search for the perfect suburban family for a documentary
I am making. The fabulous family will live a suburban lifestyle, and
will have at least: 1 teenager, and 1 younger child (I think over the
age of 8). This family needs to be enjoyable to watch, quick on their
feet, and's the kicker folks, not afraid, or rather,
willing, to be filmed carrying their garbage around with them for a
few weeks. I have already found the two other families who will be
featured...but REALLY need help with finding this one.

I have many details I will give if you know of a family that might fit
the bill.

Here's her info if you have a lead:
Leah Lamb
616 Plateau Drive
Kensington, CA 94708
Tel: 510-225-8874

The opening for the AAC photo show was last night. I'm hoping that Ed will send me some images so I can post them and write more about my weekend in Frostburg.

I am writing now from my own computer. It's a first for me and it's sobering to have the machine, and the internet in the house. I resisted having a computer for so long (got through grad school without one), and then fretted for nearly two years about what I'd buy when I finally decided to make the commitment. It took a while, but it finally dawned on me that having both a color, and black and white darkroom sitting on my desk is really awesome.

Being such, I was perusing some images I have on CD that I haven't looked at for a while and found this picture of Charles from Hollywood Cemetery. Charles is amazing- I don't think I know of anyone other than myself who actually wants to spend Memorial Day where it should be spent (Hollywood Cemetery), nor anyone else who gets such a kick out of my tendency to talk endlessly about writing my obituary while I am ill, and they are ferrying pain medication between the drugstore and my gullet.

This picture is an outtake from the ongoing, erudite, and thrilling Charles Gustina Lecture Series, and for me says it all. This is what he and I do when we're together: we look into the distance (sometimes into the sun) and speculate about everything before us.

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