Sunday, February 26, 2006

No Place Like this Place 2

So finally here are four images from the Allegany Arts Council's 13 Annual Tri-state Photo Exhibit that I judged with Ed Dewitt at the beginning of February. My favorite is the image Stairwell by Gabriel Cramer, the seven year old son of the guy who owns The General Art Store in Frostburg (this explains the mat).

This image, Chinese Fish Talking about the Dry World, by Randall Rhodes really great. If you can't tell, it's a photo of carp with with speech bubbles (?) containing images of the dry world.

Sarah Hayes' Maternal lacks the bite that you expect before reading the text (hand written by her mom and telling of the birth of both Sarah and her brother) on the two images flanking the contact sheet. Instead, there's an unexpected tenderness, as well as the rare want to be inclusive with a work of art.

Best of Show went to Beth Piver for her sculpture/photo Untitled. Beth does a little bit of everything- jewelry, painting, sculpture, photography and these images of a woman's face are printed on transparency film and fitted into store display frames.

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