Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Shigeo Kawashima 2

Pictured clockwise from bottom left: Pic 1- Kawashima, Tina, Miguel, Julie, and David Williams. David is making a documentary of Kawashima's residency Pic 2- Kat (she taught Kawashima the pickle question), David Williams (see the tripod legs?) Tina, and Christopher

In spite of all the laughing and asking me whether he could "tickle my pickle" (Kawashima knows very little vernacular English, but he came to Richmond ready to deliver a list of mildly offensive "jokes" that he had learned during his last residency in California- I'm proud to say that we Richmonders have taken up the responsibility of carrying on this tradition and he'll leave here armed to offend whoever he meets next) Kawashima and assistants are just about finished with the sculpture. I think by the end of today they will have cleaned all of the exposed parts of the bamboo, vacuumed it, and vacuumed the knots so that they'll stick straight out from the sculpture (Kawashima says that in Japan this type of knot is called a "man knot", he claims to not be joking but I'm not sure any of us believe him).

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