Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Transmissions from Texas

Like my friend Susan (see Tuesday Feb. 28th entry for details), my friends Scottie and Dan have begun sharing their family snaps with me via their online photo service company.

Exciting! I'm down with OPP (other peoples' pictures)...

They live in (and hate) Houston, where Dan is in the last leg of his PHD, and Scottie has a job at a place where her email ends in .org, and where she gets to spend some time searching the internet for people we went to high school with, snatching the pics and then emailing them to me to see if I can guess who the person is.

So, in today's batch of snaps that Scottie forwarded me there was this one. I think it's really pretty amazing. Each kid is in their own little world but they're all there together dwarfed by the magnolia. Each kids' center of gravity is so different- they are so wonkily arranged, It's like a behind the scenes snap of a Loretta Lux photo shoot.

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