Friday, June 30, 2006

As Each Month Should End

National Accordion Awareness Month ends on a good (if overwhelmingly minor and skwaunky) note. I trust everyone has been vaccinated by this point, and that you'll all be oom-pa-pa'ing into July with a patriotic confidence that will ensure that no flags will be burned, and that for the rest of the year all tunes are in 2/4 time, and played in a major key.

But we accordionists are a bunch of bleary eyed romantics and we will forever live in June- -we'll walk in 3/4 time, settle for the occasional mention over the next 11 months, and practice hard so that next year we'll be as big as- as popular as- but better than, America's Soccer Team.

So, to end the month Kim received her accordion in the mail yesterday! She got in on Ebay from a fellow named Ignaz who lives in Germany. Hers is a circa 1960's Weltmeister with a rich, wobbly, and yes, skwaunky musette. Hopefully, by this time next year I'll be posting recordings of our duets, and inviting all of you to our new apartment for a dance party (accordion music only).


Anonymous said...

wow - everyone is learning to play!
Amy got hers in the mail and it's so beautiful it makes me wish that i were more musical and ambidextrous - most everyday when i drop by she's playing around with it - she serenaded us with 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' and kept cracking herself (and us) up because it sounded so funny and good at the same time


k said...

crap, i can't do 'mary had a little lamb' yet.

scruffylooking said...

She looks so thrilled to have it. Accordions must be the happiest instruments in the world.

Michael said...

When are you going to learn so that there can be a nee' Resser singing and squeezing (and dancing) troupe?

your time will come.

Accordions are actually probably one of the saddest instruments in the world but somehow I think that they actually help the player deal with THE TRAGEDY THAT IS DAILY LIFE- there is sometyhing therapeutic about the push the pull, the squeeze, the skwaunk.

scruffylooking said...

Yea! I got my CD. I can't wait to listen to it. Thanks.

Long_Division said...

It's beautiful!