Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jenny Wilson!

This is my friend, former bandmate, and the focus of a fanclub that I started a bunch of years ago (actually, it was only a bunch of t-shirts that said "The Jenny Wilson Fanclub", but what is written becomes truth, at least after 7 years, right?). The band was called Sadhu and we were anything but a group of ascetics- we were better described by the quote (by our post-Jenny drummer Robert, wearing a nicotine patch): "this isn't a band this is a cancer cluster". Jenny was our drummer until she moved to the West coast to be with her boyfriend (hence the need for the t-shirt). That's my first accordion she's looking at... adoringly(?) I doubt it, but I did catch her at a moment when she seemed to be glancing in the direction of that old, wheezy, honking beast.

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