Thursday, June 15, 2006

Land Speed Record

Tonight Todd and I recorded all of the Death by Musette tunes that we play together. We did this in record time (three hours) and hope to have a CD to give to our friends Jon Felton and His Soulmobile when they come through town next week. I've been playing these tunes for years and Todd is mighty quick when it comes to pumpin' nylon (and steel). Reno (Todd's cat) took a nap in my accordion case while we played.

The Soulmobile will be enroute to Tennessee to play at a festival organized by their friends the Psalters and they, along with Chris Freeman, Todd, and myself are going to play music next Thursday evening. You are invited, bring something to eat- it's going to be a mighty sleepover.


htiduj said...

Michael, please tan your feet. They are creepy.

i heart dorks said...

I think you have really bad circulation. Also, I miss your awesome middle school hairdo. (I know it sounds like I am being an asshole here but I really mean it!)