Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We're Out!

Window of hardware store, Harrisonburg, VA March 2007

We leave early early tomorrow morning for Portland- in fact, we leave so early we're going to just "sleep" at the airport tonight. Kim will be attending a Cultural Studies conference Thursday - Saturday and I'll be walking around, looking, reading and hopefully talking to lots of people I've never talked to. Saturday afternoon we're heading to the coast of Oregon and slowly making our way to Olympia where we'll spend some time with Judy (despite Martin's warnings), Laura, Robert and Owen. Monday we head to Seattle and Tuesday we fly home.

There won't be any posts during this time but I'll be sure to buy black sweatshirts with scenes like the one above for everybody!


Churlita said...

Have fun. I am so jealous.

Chris Freeman said...

I'm disappointed that we won't get 20 pictures of Kimberly posing in front of PDX locales. Also dissapointed that our trips there didn't coincide. But I had a fantastic time there and I know you guys will, too!!