Friday, September 29, 2006

wrongs, righted

My impetus for going to nyc (no more caps for this city that doesn't need it) this week was to see my friend Laura's show at McKenzie Fine Art. Regular readers may remember this image on the left as being one of two images that I posted in late August when I first wrote about Laura's show. I went to the gallery Tuesday and was having a look around at the work (they are awesome- and I wish I knew how to say something other than "these paintings make me want to eat them"), at the space (uncanny relationship b/t the bronze honeycomb floor and a couple of the paintings). Before leaving I asked the intimidating woman clicking at the desk if it would be ok if I took a few pictures of the show. (AND NOW I GET TO DO AS SO MANY OTHER BLOGGERS DO- I WILL NOW TRY MY BEST TO WRITE A FUNNY AND ENGAGING STRING OF EXCHANGES BETWEEN THE GALLERIST AND MYSELF- I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS AND HAVE HONESTLY BEEN FEELING VERY SELF CONSCIOUS ABOUT IT. BUT THEN, THE OTHER DAY I REALIZED THAT, WERE I TO DO THIS TYPE OF THING I WOULD HAVE TO CONSULT KIM ON EVERYTHING THAT WAS SAID AS I DON'T REMEMBER MOST THINGS THAT PEOPLE SAY TO ME. BUT KIM WASN'T THERE TUESDAY AND I LOVE A CHALLENGE. SO IT'S UP TO ME (AND MY LOUSY LOUSY MEMORY) TO TRY AND RELATE THIS STORY).

Me (Smiling and pointing at my digi): Uh, hi... I was wondering if it would be okay if I took a few pictures of the show?
Scary Gallerist (Sitting at her formidable desk, hand on mouse): You could just go to my website and take the images from there.
Me (Thinking- cool! she's the owner!): Well, I'm friends with Laura and just want to take a couple of pictures to show her that I made it to her show- you know, send them in an email and use them as proof of my attendance...?
Concerned Gallerist (Head raised, hand off mouse): Well, that would be fine but just make sure you orient the image correctly... (shoulders relax and shift to right, Concerned Gallerist loosens up a bit and continues in a lightly joking but serious way)...a friend of hers put the image from her show's announcement on his website upside down-- so just make sure you check my website and make sure that it's correct (Concerned Gallerist gives a look that says:"Everyone knows that when a postcard's image is vertical the left side of the image is up.")
Me (Ha! Shit! I thought I might have had it wrong! Ha!): ...Um that was me (smile)...I'm so sorry... I was afraid I may have done that... shit... sorry... oops... damn...damn...shit...sorry
Bewildered Gallerist (head tilted down in the universal sign of pity, resists shaking head but still conveys -with raised eyebrows, and relaxed face- "It's just kind of sad, isn't it?") Blink... Blink.
Well that was exhausting. The point here is that I promised the one who turned out to be the Serious and Friendly Gallerist that I would right my wrongs:

Pipeline Through the Park, 2006

If only she'd have let me take a picture of her wagging her finger at me. I asked.

Maybe she'll send me one.

Will you?

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scruffylooking said...

Good job. What are you talking about? This was great.