Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Older Michael Writes About Younger Michael

The puff balls of the few cottonwood trees in Richmond are blowing around and reminding of my years living in Fort Collins, Colorado. I had never lived near a river before and loved the Cache La Poudre river which runs through the north part of town and through Lee Martinez Park. During the summer months a young Annabelle (and a younger Michael) would walk, run, jump, and lay around the park. She would run in the long grasses that were alongside the trail, occasionally popping her head up above the tops of the blades to make sure that I was still close by.

A sweet one, that dog.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Has anyone assembled a list of all the people* doing year long web projects? Here are the three I pay attention to and a shameless plug of my own:


Skull-A-Day is the work of Noah Scalin, a fellow Richmonder, designer and seemingly all around conscious and fascinating guy. I started paying attention to him a few years ago when he and Christopher Humes began another year based project called Swords into Plowshares. We met last summer at the Art-O-Mat ten year anniversary. He's a busy fellow, follow the links and you'll find Another Limited Rebellion, his "socially conscious graphic design firm". They also maintain a great blog. is the blog of New York artist Elin Waterson. I also met Elin at the Art-O-Mat event last summer and she has committed to making a block print everyday for all of 2008. She's had some time to focus on different themes and is currently making prints of mythical beings. All of her prints are really pretty amazing... you can go here to see a post where she grouped them by months to see a bunch at once. I don't know Elin well, but by the looks of it she can do most things very well and may be the biggest Old 97's fan to have ever existed.

Aesthetic to Ascetic

This project is brand new and by Kristin Kaskey, a fashion designer, prof at VCU and artist who also lives in Richmond. From her first blog post: starting on may 12th i will wear each item currently in my possession once before any garment can be re-worn... my preliminary count looks like i can make it 306 days without repeating a dress, sweater, top or fitted jacket. skirts and pants will be worn once then will be allowed to re-enter the rotation since i have considerably fewer of these items... each day i will post a photo of the look of the day. at the end of each day garments will be tagged and stored for exhibition, re-fashioning and sale/giveaway.


I'll keep the shameless plug to a minimum but I am happy to report that SAMETIME 7:15 will be included in the exhibit Multiplicitocracy which opens at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center in DC May 31.

More to come about that in a few days...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May Day

I'm pretending that I wasn't the only one out there that didn't work today and that all of you spent the day in the sun, talking, eating good food, playing music, and letting the ways of Spring have its way with you and her, and him, and them...