Thursday, November 09, 2006


San Francisco based artist Daniel Davidson showed work at Ada Gallery this past month. As a part of he closing reception Davidson had a picture booth. For $5 you could have your picture drawn by Davidson in only 5 minutes. The gallery was outfitted w/ a cardboard booth that sported a red curtained doorway, a two-way mirror, vanity lights, slots for money and picture, and upon receipt of the drawing, the most intense smell of magic marker I've ever smelled. Kim, Michelle, and I got permission to do a group portrait. $15, 15 minutes and unlike those two I worked at keeping my smile during the entire sitting. I figured it would set me apart from them being that IN REAL LIFE they weren't smiling. Then again, in real life Kim (center) doesn't resemble a swollen school marm about to swallow her charges, Michelle (right) doesn't look anywhere near that innocent, and me- well surely I don't look like that.

Do I?


uhlstreet said...

I don't even see a VAGUE resemblance. Nothing at all.
Especially for poor Kim. Kim is obviously quite beautiful and looks NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING like that.

martin said...

no, you don't... you should see mine, too funny.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. that is hilarious! kim looks like velma from scooby doo. and she looks like she has braces. and why is her head bigger than everyone else's? and that doesn't even remotely resemble her hair. at all. none of you look like that. but he obviously liked michelle best because she looks least scary.

i'm sure you, out of all 3, looked quite caricature-able and pleasant and he blew it. hard.

that being said, what a nice christmas card!