Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal

I'm as sick as a dog and have been since Friday. I was supposed to go to Frostburg for an opening but no can do when there are buckets of snot, weak legs, watery eyes and all of that nastiness. So, aside from using time when I'm sick to write another obituary I also try to catch up on all the movies I never get to see. When I was sick in February I got hooked on the first season of Six Feet Under and watched the entire first season in a day. Kim and I spent most of Friday watching even more SFU (season 2) and by the 9th episode I decided I was through with SFU. I like the characters, it's very well done, blah blah but I'll have to spend every waking sick moment of the rest of my life to see the entire series and there's just too much else out there. So Saturday I rented the final episode of SFU (I cried through most of it but it was very cheesy), Dogtown and Z Boys (fine, made me remember how brown I felt when I was a skater- I was never going to have hair like Stacy Peralta or Tony Hawk no matter how much peroxide I used), and Resfest vol. 3. Resfest is a short-film/video festival put together by a large media group and they have 3 volumes of videos on DVD that are worth the perusal. I rented this volume b/c I wanted to see Matt McCormick's mockumentary The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal. It was really good- funny, smart, lo-fi (nice considering most of the resfest stuff is super slick) and narrated by Miranda July in her psychotic bored-girl-next-door voice. You can rent Resfest from Netflix should you not live near the best video store on earth: VIDEO FAN.

Here's some subconscious art as a result of graffiti removal that I photo'ed in March of 2003 on a trip to New Orleans. I took pictures of it b/c I was shocked by the amount of pretty gray, pink, cream, and tan rectangles that were dotting most of the Quarter, Midcity and some of Uptown. When I asked, it seemed that no one knew why the city was covered with mini Rothko paintings.


Churlita said...

I love the graffiti removal art(?).

loveyouintheface said...

I cried at the end of SFU too. Cheesy or not, that shit stung.
And what about Tony Alva?!
Also, I freaking miss you.

Susan said...

feel better soon, Michael