Monday, November 27, 2006

Martin Bromirski

Art of this Century, Martin Bromirski's current show of paintings is still on view at Haigh Jamochian's Markel building here in Richmond (5310 Markel Road). It is a wonderfully weird affair and very close to Panera, The Inns of Virginia, and the soon to be disappeared Tower Records. Martin has made looking at art so easy, and so convenient (Staples is only a block away). On his blog, Martin has dubbed the Markel building the Bizarro Guggenheim and this is a keen maneuver- Martin has a large enough readership that a ton of us will never pass this crumpled mass without thinking of his coinage.

Martin continues to weasel his way in.

Martin also has great referential (not reverential) images of the building on ANABA.

Kim and I visited on an especially cold and rainy day last week and I need to go back when I can get some better pictures and when the light isn't quite so dim (or grim). Although I don't think he painted these sad little things with this Bizarro Guggenheim in mind, his installation speaks pretty directly of his awareness of the space- and of space. For example:

The floating meatballs (I think these are meatballs?) push and pull their way to the surface of the painting- making their way through the sandy atmosphere and provide perspective on the universe.

Kim is standing next to paintings, urine, and blood samples (no money). The texture of the silver painting is like the hand-hammered surface of the building. Above Kim's head is a yellow silhouette of a woman reading. At the Bizarro Guggenheim, anything is possible. More vertical pictures of Kim standing near art here.

Kim next to the largest painting in the show. It is the last one I reached the day we visited and by the time I made my way to it I wanted more planets, more moons, more meatballs! You can see more of Martin's paintings here.


Churlita said...

Kim looks so adorable among the paintings.

Chris Freeman said...

Woah I was there in that very field this weekend taking pictures of a friend's band. We didn't know about the art exhibit though, and the place might not have been open anyway.