Thursday, November 16, 2006


I just returned from a quick art handling trip to nyc w/ Ashley to return the work that was on loan for the Garden exhibition at VACR. When dropping off, or picking up work we spend only enough time for me to glance over a show, smile at the hot artechicks behind the cast concrete art desk-monoliths, and grab a postcard or two. I generally don't take any sort of close look at the cards until I get home and I tell Kim all about the trip (except the smiling at hot artechicks part).

There were a number of good cards from this trip. I love how galleries (and artists) make such a big deal of trying to outdo their neighbors. It makes it good for us schmos who can't afford a thing. I've scanned what Kim and I decided are the highlights from the 20 (or so) that I picked up on this trip. I'll work my way from the bottom up (click on the card for link to gallery/artist)...

Sixth Place:

Kim really loves this one and if she weren't now asleep on my bed but was taking part in what was to be a co-post, this card may have had a better chance of being in a better psoition. Anyway, too subtle for me although I like the colors- they remind me of push-ups. It's just too polite and I really liked Greg Smith's work and would have liked a little picture of it.

Fifth Place:

Skulls amidst a pile of penis-bones on thick plastic-y paper that feels like it should be a decal! What's not to like? The artist is Alan Wiener, the gallery is g-module and somehow the card made it from Paris (France!) all the way to Pierogi (Brooklyn!).

How did it get there.

Makes me want to put on the Misfits but Kim is still sleeping.

Fourth Place:

This one is from Gary Simmons' installation at the Bohen Foundation's gallery, and is so nice and understated for what is such an overstated, and scary exhibition space. I liked his installation of humongous chalkboard drawings and I really like how the postcard makes me think of On Kawara's "I'm Still Alive" postcards from the '60's and 70's.

Kim just huffed and repositioned herself.

Third Place:

Awesome title, awesome postcard (looks like one you might have gotten 25 years ago at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon), awesome show by Wayne White. I like Wayne White and I think I like Clementine gallery quite a bit. They show Taylor McKimens who I like like like like like like like like like...

Second Place (Kim's first place but my choice goes first as I am still awake and t-y-p-i-n-g):

This is the postcard for the work by the woman who I posted about the other day (sex and spanking picture), and I like the postcard but I disliked the work just as much (and maybe more) than I thought I would (I had to explain to Ashley that I posted Strassheim's picture and the obnoxious quote below it b/c I was hoping that someone would start an art fight). The images? Durr-iv-a-tive, boring, cheap shots. But back to the card- sleeping beauty loves how the back of the card is the color of dark chocolate and how the dark color allows the image to remain in your mind even after you flip to the verso to read.

She's got a point.

But I am not intrigued by that girl, that dog, or that piano. Bleh.

First Place (Kim's second):

This is perfect. Look and you'll see that the card has rounded edges (I scanned it on a black piece of paper)! You never see rounded edges. It also has nice thick, semi-mat paper, and images on both sides. This is a postcard that I would describe as generous. Even the text is generous as it is addressing me! The woman with the house on her head has prepared for my departure and I've never seen her before. This is Kelie Bowman's, whom, judging by this card is a hip, so interesting she's scary artechick who loves indie rock. Unfortunately, I didn't see the show but doesn't that make it even more of a winner? This card can stand alone. In fact, it stands alone while I type alone with a heavy-breathing artechick on the bed behind me.

Kelie Bowman's Postcard!


And finally, it wouldn't be fair to go on and on about all these foreigners and not point out what greatness has been borne out of Richmond in just this past month. This is, without a doubt, one of the two smartest postcards to come out of Richmond in the years that I've lived here.

Name the show and that artist and I'll send you one of these cards.


k said...

well, it's too bad i fell asleep (please note, dear audience, that i was asleep b/c i am sick and i got this way from doting over michael when HE was sick. so, it was his fault really.) as you got my postcard choices wrong. i like Kelie Bowman's card best as well, and Greg Smith and Angela Strassheim came in as the runners-up in no particular order.

setting the record straight...

Michael said...

Too late you hot artechick!