Monday, May 21, 2007

Alyssa Salomon Precedes News of New Helmet

Alyssa Salomon Cabinet Specimen: Parakeets 1998

We went to Chop Suey Books yesterday to get a guidebook to help us identify trees and once again (4 years of going to Chop Suey now) I was delighted by Alyssa Salomon's photograph (a split toned silver print is what the label says- despite my being a MASTER of photography, I don't know what this means) that is hung along the stairs that lead to: the sexy books, the God books, the cookbooks, the history books, and Doug Utley's 12x12 Record Bin Art Show.

Also, I replaced my bike helmet (circa 1991) with a newfangled black, aerodynamic thing that fits correctly and doesn't make me feel like I'm quite as likely to die of a head trauma should I get hit on my way to work.

The cockeyed old helmet- I look like a mushroom from Super Mario.

The new helmet- so sleek- and look, it made me open my mouth and smile. Buying things makes me smile despite what I may want you to think.

On your left...


Judith said...

I dunno Michael. I think 1991 looks damn good on you:)

Churlita said...

I love pictures of people in bicycle helmets. both the old and new are good.