Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Scopophilians in Paradise (or Kim in Front of Everywhere we Went) ll


At PDX airport in Portland. It was nice and quiet compared to Chicago Midway. We were up at 4:50 a.m. and on the plane in DC by 6:25. By the time we arrived in Portland we were already very tired and it was only 10:45 (PST).

We stayed at the Northwest Portland Hostel. It's located in the Nob Hill neighborhood and is the same hostel where Chris Freeman and his friends stayed the week before we were there. It's a great hostel and surely the only thing we could have afforded in the neighborhood.

At the notable (notably ugly?) teal and desert rose Portland Municipal Building by Robert Graves. You might know this building from your art history books (it's always in the architecture and Postmodernism chapter) and you might know Graves' name from his line of housewares at Target.

The Willamette River separates the east and west sides of the city, it runs north and eventually meets up with the Columbia River. Kim is photographing the Aerial Tram- a cable driven gondola that connects a medical campus on a high hill with a southwestern neighborhood. As everyone knows by now, Portland is progressive when it comes to public transportation, and it's a great place to walk because there are so few cars on the streets.


Chris Freeman said...


Churlita said...

I think every photo is that much better with Kim standing in front, don't you?

Michael said...

Great pics by Dan. I'm jealous that you rode the aerial tram (you did right?) that was such a beautiful...portal that it came out of.

Indeed, all of these things are largely irrelevant and exist so that I can take pics of K in front of them!

George said...

Did you get to see Mickey?

Martin said...

whoah... check out that STATUE.

pictures of judy, that's what i want to see. where are the judy pictures???

Michael said...

George- Mickey?

You really are obsessed w/ figurative public sculpture. There was a really cool pic of the sculpture being carted down the street b/f being installed. Very strange scale. Judy was Friday so stay tuned.