Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm Talking (to Chris and You)

It's funny to me that people on occasion call and email for advice, or God forbid, ask me to take pictures for them because I can be a really bad photographer.

Too bad for Chris Freeman in this instance. There he was, visiting from Tennessee, doing a dern good job at singing "Eat" at Ipanema the other night when my lazy ass shot this terrible picture from a bar stool. Chris, I owe you an apology, and to pay you back I order everyone who reads this to buy your new, and excellent album The Robins Eat Like Me Now . It's worth much more than the $5 he's charging, plus there's a much better picture I took of him inside.

This is one of my favorite Chris Freeman pictures. This was taken when Kim, Todd and I lived on Patterson.

Can't get enough? More Chris Freeman here and here and he's also on MySpace w/ two different bands but the site wouldn't load so too bad-- find it yourself.

1 comment:

Chris Freeman said...

I remember when you took that and I thought to myself, "that's going to be a crappy picture."