Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today we walked from our apartment to the newly renovated State Capitol to go on the tour that they offer. We're pretty major Thomas Jefferson fans these days (here's why) so it only makes sense that we're finally making the effort to investigate the buildings he designed. Unfortunately, our guide was obsessed with Robert E. Lee (imagine that!) so we left disappointed with our tour's lack of anything Jeffersonian (except maybe our snack on the front lawn of dried chick peas and oranges).

It's a little more than 4.5 miles to the Capitol and on our way back we took a different route and found the 24/7 gallery on Grace between 2nd and 3rd. This re-purposed puzzle is pretty great.

I've been photographing all the clumps of hair I've been coming across the past few months (I guess they're extensions??) We saw a few today and this is maybe the second largest clump I've ever come across (that didn't have a head attached to it). Maybe I've been in Richmond too long, but it seems weird to have something so personal just lying on the sidewalk... kind of like the condoms you see or the combs. It's a voodoo thing for me, I'm sure.

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