Monday, July 30, 2007

Where the Wall Was Swimming Pool Blue

As was planned, I painted over my work in DC this past weekend. Overall all I think the installation went well. I got a ton of feedback (including a tranny who was ready to protest my painting over it until she learned that I was the artist.) Although feeling vulnerable is never really comfortable, making myself available as an artist is what I want to be doing and I view this experience as street as studio, not street art.

Interesting too are the following images and text that were posted around the work:

Are they saying we don't need city-wide art projects, love is all we need? Does anyone recognize the lighthouse graphic?


Anonymous said...

Harumph. I'm stymied. Perhaps they really liked them and wanted to contribute a few of their own? Now I'm very curious to find out what the lighthouse means.

Anonymous said...

I think that whoever left these signs intended them as a challenge for the observer of the art not the artist. After all, like most anything, defining something as art is relative. And asking those questions seems valid.

zs said...

Hey Michael,
This seems like a great project. How long were the photos up before you painted over them? And when did anon text and fab 4 images go up?
With Love,

Michael said...

Good comments all.


The work was up for a month and a half and I'm not definite about the date the anonymous text and pics appeared, but it was sometime b/f July 15.

I see what was put up as a decent (albeit unfortunately anonymous) exchange-- good ju ju.