Thursday, July 19, 2007


Have you seen American Splendor? Pronounce the title of this post the way that Toby Radloff (real life Harvey Pekar's friend played by an actor in the movie) pronounces "nerds" when he mentions the movie "Revenge of the Nerds" (in the movie) and you've got the reference.

Anyway, on our walk home from the beer store tonight (since going to Portland we both really like beers that are hoppy enough to taste like grapefruit and we found a good one here) we both spotted a couple of... visages that we wanted to photograph, and since we're always up for a little friendly competition, we each took photos of the subjects and are presenting them to you to be the judges. Who did the best job in their picture taking? (We've already decided b/t ourselves.) I'll post the pictures here w/ the author's name beneath, and if you would be so kind as to vote it would be greatly appreciated.**


Picture #1: Bamboo



Picture #2: Money Plant



**Nobody wins anything more than knowing that they've interacted, taken part, made their voice heard, been a part of something maybe not so remarkable, but maybe something about something-- or something like that.


Churlita said...

Kim wins for bamboo and Michael wins for the Money plant. Hey, you're both winners.

martin said...

michael for money.

next time don't pass the names! use photographer a and b, or something. it would be more suspenseful.

Chris Freeman said...

Kimberly on picture #1 and Michael on picture #2. So yeah - both winners.