Sunday, July 15, 2007

What's Up.

Well, I apologize for not posting in over 15 days... there are excuses, none of which are applicable so I won't start but I will say that I have been thinking about you, and hoping that you realized you could find samples of Some Monastery on MySpace, and trusting that you've been checking-in with Chris Freeman so you know about this and this.

The above pictures illustrate the good things that I've been up to-- not all of them mind you, and this list is edited and idealized rendition of the past 16 days, but it's not wholly untrue or even too exclusively skewed towards the positive. My days have been filled with trips to the James River, they have been spent obsessing over crape myrtles like this one on Allen Ave. in the Fan near my work, and I did finally buy a ukulele, and damn if I haven't been playing it all day between intimate interactions with my co-habitator, a nap, popcorn, a chocolate milkshake, and the New York Times. The ukulele marks the beginning of a new era-- and is the first stringed instrument I've tried to play. I have always shied away from the guitar-- it's such a guy instrument, so Joe Perry, so Satriani, so Eddie Van Halen, so Jimmy Page. To be glib and inflammatory, simple and stupid, it's such a penis. I must say that I'm happy that the penis I've bought myself is so little and cute.

There are new plans! I'll be plunking away, singing My Sweetheart's The Man in The Moon while Kimberly plays along on the accordion. But that will come later, right now I've got to figure out how to change chords and build up some callouses. But even that will have to wait until we're back from the river-- we have a sun to watch set.


Churlita said...

Yea! You're back.

Michael said...

Thanks Churls!