Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Here's a selection of objects made by the artists whose work we're installing for the opening this Friday. The opening is from 6-8 pm and I hope you can make it- the work is really over the top wacky, well made, and (God forbid) fun. Despite the cutting edge work that Ashley continuously brings together for our exhibits, VACR is in desperate need of (and ready for) young blood- book your plane tickets right after you read this...

This is by Imi Hwangbo who's from Athens, Ga (by way of Korea). It's hangs on the wall and is from cut sheets of mylar and ink. There are two more of her pieces in the show.

Rob Demar is a sculptor who makes these odd little flocked islands. This piece is not in the show (the piece at VACR is freestanding and includes 3 islands) so you'll need to stop by to see it.

Richmonder Kirsten Kindler makes us locals proud with a piece she made just for this show. Kirsten is also a finalist for the Trawick Prize, and involved with ADA Gallery on Broad Street.

Roxy Paine is hot shit and had work at the Hirshorn when Kim and I were there. He makes mushrooms, flowers, trees, weeds, and vegetables out of epoxy (and resin) and puts them beneath museum/science laboratory glass.

Yuken Teruya was in the last Greater New York show at P.S. 1, and although we don't have any of his McDonald's bags (they are owned by Saatchi), we do have a Godiva and Tiffany's bag, as well as some small, cylindrical sculptures made out of objects that you have a very intimate relationship with.

There are more artists (Nancy Blum! among them), but it is getting late and I'm being called by my contraption of bellows and reeds- it's warning me that if I keep posting huge pictures you'll never see the other post I put up* this evening.

* Like a can of tomatoes?

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