Sunday, September 10, 2006

An Unfortunate Reality

Well, it's not that we didn't have a great time...BUT the first jet that flew over as we approached the beach while we were driving in almost made me cry- and all the others (and there were plenty- both days) were equally as terrifying, and a grim reality check to remind us that for some people the sound, sight, and feeling of American fighter jets flying over, and reminding them that in the scheme of things they are powerless, is their daily reality- not their weekend away from home. Kim and I were pissed and wondered if we could sue someone for hearing loss.

On a lighter note, there was also a Shriner's convention (the old drunk guys with the Fez's who raise money for kids with serious deformities, diseases, etc) and most of the rooms in our hotel were full of them. They started drinking at 1:00pm and I swear not a one was under 70. It seemed that most of the Shriners present were from Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland- we watched the parade and even the guys from Cumberland were there (the Ali Ghan Shrine). I asked Kim if she was happy to see people from her homeland- she said no. But I think that had it been other people from her homeland she would have felt differently.

Finally, despite the planes (and all the people who didn't seem to mind them disturbing their peace on the beach), it was good to get a way and to be near (and often in) all of that water.


scruffylooking said...

Shriners crack me up. Did they bring their tiny cars with them?

Michael said...

Oh yes. There we lots of little cars, clowns and string bands. I just haven't figured out: why all the Islamic imagery? I'm afraid that Dan Brown's name might come up if I investigate- so I haven't.

travis said...

I see you don't get to the beach often. Welcome to the jet sound debate. The people of VaBeach have been at it for years. In the end they decided that they love the sound and patitioned to keep Oceana Air Naval Base and nearby Langly Air Force Base open. It may have had something to do with revenue from base personel but the people who live in the "crash zone" at the end of the runways were the most resiliant. There are both sides of course, but in the end the "I love jet noise" bumper-stickers prevailed. It's funny, when I see them, I am fascinated by the mechanics and science of the thing, as I am with all planes. Maybe it is my past, but I don't think war when I see them, even though I know that is what they are. I think, "amazing." Personally, I love jet noise, in the same way I love the smell of new tires, occasional diesel exhaust, rain, dirt, and piles of fall leaves. There must be memories in there somewhere. After all, it wouldn't be VaBeach without them. The lack of sand and looming hotels didn't bother you? Anyway, what else could you expect, VaBeach is right in the middle of the largest military community in the world, including the largest Naval Base in the WORLD (Norfolk). Next time try waving to the little guys in the cockpit, sometimes they wave back.

loveyouintheface said...

Dry your eyes, Mikel. It's only teenage wasteland.
Please tell Kim that her back looks pretty.