Thursday, September 28, 2006


I did it- 30 galleries in 6 hours. I started with a list of the 300 that Chelsea has to choose from, whittled my list down to 38, then to 26 and was so efficient with my time (sushi? no, trail mix!) that I had time to hit an extra four and still finish up just a little after 6.

Highlights with comments (in no particular order):

Laura Sharp Wilson at McKenzie Fine Art* Larger paintings than I expected were a nice surprise and I could look at some of these forever.

Celeste Boursier-Mougenot at Paula Cooper vacuum cleaners fitted with harmonicas- surprisingly beautiful installation and sounds that responded to the noise made by viewers

Rafael Lozano Hemmer at bitforms complex, uber-smarty-pants -critical-arts-ensemble motion-activated sculptures...whew. Click to watch video.

Nathan Lyons at Bruce Silverstein Yes Master...

Zhang Huan at Max Lang If you decide to pursue performance art, remember to document it incredibly well, have a great body and do all performances nekkid.

Taylor McKimens at Clementine His show (The Drips) is good and nasty dog poo, fat armpits, hairy legs havin Red Grooms meets up with R Crumb and has a competition to see who can best resemble the love child of Divine and Charles Bukowski.

Alessandra Sanguinetti at Yossi Milo Sobering images of flesh, life and death. Should be required viewing for all.

*Story and apology to follow in next couple of days.


scruffylooking said...

Doesn't your head start to spin after so much art? I always need a little time to digest after I look at people's work. (the art, not the trail mix)

k said...

I'm the same way, Scruffy. Though I was envious as I sat at my desk job for those 2 days, it is good that Michael did this trip solo.

He also likes to talk about art right after seeing it. I need some time to roll it around in my head. And I also like to sit down and eat sushi.

Anonymous said...

I have the same art digestive disorder. However, lately I've been called upon to talk about the art as soon as I see it. No time to even chew it. (I feel a bad case of art constipation coming on...)

That being said, it's nice to get a tour of new art after two months of nothing post-1950. There IS a contemporary art world out there! And it is lovely. Thank ye, Mr. Lease.


scruffylooking said...


I'm with you on the sushi. I think it's a vital part of looking at art.

Michael said...

Oh...I can't get enough (really) and I think that when looking at art food only gets in the way. I was thinking the whole time I was there that I'd never do this again (see so much in one day) but I know I will- taking in so much in so little time really gives me a handle on what everyone is thinking about (which is mostly the same thing, just articulated differently).

Iget weak in the knees when I think "zeitgeist".

barry said...


This might help you organize by street next time.