Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No Place Like Home

Greg, a former student, collaborator, and friend of Kim and mine got married this past Saturday in Buckeystown, Maryland. As you can see it was an intimate ceremony (there were maybe 25 people there). Among my friends it's common knowledge that I'm not interested in marrying (and have had excellent luck finding women who feel the same -despite what my mom and sister think) but I love weddings. And I love them not just for the reception, but for the ceremony, the vows, the sincerity, and the time it affords me to think not only about commitment but the relationship b/t the marrying couple and those gathered to witness their union. This relationship was made explicit at this wedding- the pastor actually asked us to promise to be of assistance when (or if) there were rough times for the marry-ees. We all said we would.

It was also great to go to G's wedding b/c I love Maryland much more than I love Virginia.

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loveyouintheface said...

"no place like home" is my favoritest line in the world. it brings tears from my tearducts and puppeteers to my heartstrings.