Sunday, September 03, 2006

Good Times, Frosto-Norwegi Style

This is Amy and Arne. I wrote about their lovely spawn a number of months ago and Amy purchased that fine lookin' (I have yet to hear it) machine during June (which of course everyone remembers as Accordion Awareness Month).

I imagine that Arne is ready to fire should anyone dare to laugh at this most beautiful accordionist. I was just playing outside on our "porch" but as I don't have security, I was playing very quietly.


uhlstreet said...

i love this picture

Jeff "camera boy" Henry filmed a little bit on this day with his new camera, and you'll have to ask him to see the footage, since it's quite funny with Amy playing her accordion, Arne trying to shoot the pesky, evil neighborhood squirrels with the bb gun, the kids running around calling for their Momma, and me photographing the whole thing as i'm heard saying, 'we're taking pictures for Michael Lease'

and i got through this whole post without ONCE using a set of parentheses

Michael said...

That footage sounds great, and thanks for taking pictures for me but I'm a little sad that you're so proud of not using a pair parenthesis (poor poor parenthesis).